Free Oak Saplings – Restore the Canopy

This Summer, Alderman Matt O’Shea and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District are providing free oak tree saplings to Chicagoans.

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You can pick up your free sapling on June 2, 2019 Sunday, from 10am-12pm, at the 95th Street Farmer’s Market (95th & Longwood Drive). Instructions will also be provided to aid in planting and caring for the trees.

Trees provide a beautiful green canopy for urban communities that enhance property values, reduce utility bills, and are a powerful and effective form of green infrastructure.  A medium size oak tree can help prevent flooding by absorbing 2,800 gallons of rainfall per year.  Chicago’s tree population has been decimated by emerald ash borer infestations and extreme weather.

Free Oak Saplings - 2019

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